Keys of the Kingdom
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Praying for Others with the Keys of the Kingdom

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Praying for Others with the Keys of the Kingdom
  • Why is it so important to deal with your own feelings before you pray the Keys of the Kingdom binding and loosing prayers for others?
  • When someone gets in your face about God and your beliefs, what might their hidden motive really be?
  • What are the grave clothes that so many people hang on others? What can you do about them?
  • Binding someone elseís will to Godís will is NOT witchcraft.
  • God generally wonít violate the wills of those we pray for, yet He will allow them to maneuver themselves into impossible corners to help them decide what?
  • Learn how to pray with the highly effective ripple effect style of praying.
  • Do you know how to pray powerful right prayers with someone who has just asked you to agree with a wrong prayer without offending or upsetting them?
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