Keys of the Kingdom
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Keys of the Kingdom - Part I

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Keys of the Kingdom - Part I
  • Why werenít we all able to walk right into the good plans of God that people said we should come into when we were first saved?
  • What are the individual functions of your mind, your will, and your emotions? How do these three parts of your soul work together to get things accomplished (whether they are right or wrong accomplishments)?
  • When you use the Kingdom Key of binding in prayer, what four specific things are accomplished? What are the three main things you should bind prayers (hint: the devil isnít one of them)?
  • What are three main things to loose when praying the Keys of the Kingdom (hint: one of them involves the devil)?
  • Loosing sickness, fear, poverty, and doubt is not effective. But binding and loosing prayers will help you overcome sickness, fear, poverty, and doubt. How?
  • What is stronghold thinking and how have you developed this wrong pattern of thinking?
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