Recently Updated! -  2012 Edition
Breaking the Power
by Liberty Savard

Are you spiritually exhausted, and feel as though you're only occasionally winning the battle against the enemy? Since Christ has already won that battle, what's really defeating you is the enemy's manipulation of your unsurrendered needs and hurts. Breaking the Power will answer many questions for Christians who live in the torment of fear and shame, who cannot overcome their wrong behaviors, and do not know how to receive God's unconditional love. Learn how to release the fear and pain holding you captive by allowing God's mercy and grace to guide you toward a life of faith and freedom.

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Matching Workbook
Breaking the Power II Workbook
by Liberty Savard

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Specifically updated to follow the NEW 2012 edition of Breaking the Power II. Use as a self-guide for individual study or as a discussion guide for group study.


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2014 New Year Special!
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