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Binding & Loosing Prayer Manual
by Liberty Savard
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Three things need to happen in your thinking before you will ever try to change. You must first believe that you need to change, possibly even becoming disgusted with the way you are. Secondly, you must believe that there is something better than what you already have. Thirdly, you must believe that God has provided a way to help you move into that better walk. How you think influences how you feel which always influences how you will act.

As you pray and apply the prayer Keys of binding and loosing to your own soul, you will accomplish the above three steps to positive change and victory. You will stabilize and steady your mind, will, and emotions with the Matthew 16:19 Keys of the Kingdom and you will be able to clear out the old toxic thinking in your unsurrendered soul. You will learn how to effectively neutralize your past traumas and experience your present opportunities, and realign you future with God's plans for you. You will learn how to pray more effectively for others than you may have ever done before.

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